OTA waves goodbye to Ivan McLean’s Flying Fish

OTA waves goodbye to Ivan McLean’s FLYING FISH who gave to thousands a curiosity, joy and smiles.  FLYING FISH, memorialized by so many with selfies, posts and reposts on social media, experienced a cult popularity in Santa Fe and will now be dearly missed.  FLYING FISH has a happy new home with an art collector in Santa Fe!

We remember when FLYING FISH arrived:



And experienced first snow:


Now we wave good bye!   Happy Flying!   Keep spreading joy!   And thank you Ivan McLean for giving us smiles and joy!

We wait for Ivan McLean’s RE-INVENTION (taking FLYING FISH’S place) arriving August 1st for CONNECTIONS III,  opening at OTA,  reception Friday,  August 2nd, 5:30-7:00 pm.    Come see Ivan McLean’s RE INVENTION and meet Ivan in person.   See you there!!!