Infusing Life into Steel – Robert Koch

May 2018

Santa Fe Arts Journal

Emily Van Cleve, Founder/Editor

OTA Contemporary celebrates its first anniversary with a special show featuring paintings, monotypes and digital works by artist/owner Kiyomi Baird and steel and bronze sculptures by New Jersey artist Robert Koch.

Koch, a native of Pennsylvania who studied art education in college, is new to exhibiting work in Santa Fe. He’s bringing large-scale pieces and small-scale sculptures to the show.

“My materials are the same materials used in the construction of buildings,” says Koch. “My goal is to try to give the steel some life or have it capture a split second of movement.”

Through the years, Robert Koch has developed techniques that help him create the soft curves in his work. “When you bend steel and then add all of the intense heat from welding, the steel wants to revert back to its original flat and straight origin,” he explains. “To avoid this, I cut all the material into short pieces and reassemble them into the curves. I use a sort of brick laying composition and stagger the ends of the pieces to help maintain the forms.”