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REFLECTIONS, Brown, Craighead, Leis, Winbury

Feb 2 - Apr 26, 2018

Reception: Feb 2 5:30 - 7:00 pm

REFLECTIONS, Brown, Craighead, Leis, Winbury

Casting back light
Thoughtful consideration
What joyous interludes

Please join OTA Contemporary as we embrace the new year with Reflections, a stunning exhibition featuring Charley Brown, Tim Craighead, Marietta Patricia Leis, and Gail Winbury.

These four painters will afford a unique experience to gallery visitors. Individually, Brown, Craighead, Leis, and Winbury have a strong and remarkable presence. Together, their work is an exciting encounter filled with vivacity and energy.

Charley Brown’s bold strokes enliven his dramatic canvases with a spirit that is singular and infectious. These vibrant and expansive compositions exude an enthusiasm that is impossible to escape. The intensity of Brown’s work is a brilliant counterpoint to the contemplative and painterly journeys of Tim Craighead. The mystery of Craighead’s paintings lies in their intimacy, despite the scale. The viewer recognizes signs and shapes, yet in a context unfamiliar. Add to the mix the monochromatic paintings and sculpture of Marietta Patricia Leis. The rich saturation of color is alluring and the sculpture bursts forth from the wall to engage the viewer. Leis’s work straddles the worlds of painting and sculpture. Rounding out the group are several new paintings by Gail Winbury. While color and form are still at the fore, Winbury interacts with the canvas in a new and intriguing fashion. Silk thread and the use of collage enliven the surface adding mystery and depth.

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