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ENIGMA, Muth and Zirin

Sep 22 - Nov 13, 2017

Reception: Sep 22 from 5-7 pm

Artist Talk: Sep 22 from 6-7 pm

ENIGMA, Muth and Zirin

OTA Contemporary is proud to present Enigma!

Puzzling and inexplicable. Curiosity is a gift that pokes at our mind to observe and discover. Shall we explore? Shall we blossom once more?

Hologram artist August Muth and atmospheric painter Nola Zirin expand our perceptions and invite us into otherworldly realms in their upcoming group exhibition at OTA Contemporary, “ENIGMA.” Paired together, the artists’ work allows the viewer to contemplate the mysterious existence of light and its physical complexities, subsequently leading us on an intellectual quest to explore the relationship between light, space and time. “ENIGMA” opens Friday, September 22nd with an opening reception from 5-7pm at the gallery and an artist talk from 6-7pm. The exhibition will remain on display through November 9th.

“My work manifests light in space,” explains Muth. “Light becomes this tactile material that you can touch and feel, yet it doesn’t possess any mass. It’s a magic thing.” Muth, a local Santa Fe artist, will present a series of new work for ENIGMA that interacts with the viewer through spatial compositions of light, This work inspires curious engagement as it is viewed from different locations. Geometric shapes in iridescent colors shift and change as one moves around the work, inviting us into its elusive physical but nonmaterial realm. Muth’s process involves mixing his own light sensitive emulsions which, when exposed by laser light, create a unique palette that cannot be realized with pigment. His holograms are multidimensional manifestations of light, space and time. “I’m painting with light,” says Muth of his process. “Through my work, people can engage in something that is very new and intriguing in terms of their individual insights.”

While Muth uses light as material, Zirin creates celestial illusions through painted structures. White illumination cuts through layers of geometric forms on Zirin’s canvases, which are created with oil and acrylic paint as well as textural materials such as glitter and flocking. Through her process, Zirin achieves a three-dimensionality that similarly comments on the illusion of space and time. The New York artist will present a series of small works in addition to two 72x52” canvases that engulf the viewer and invite us to step into mysteriously constructed passageways and ethereal voids. “The complexity of these paintings and their virtual orbs mirror the macro and micro layers of the world around us,” says Zirin of her latest work, which along with Muth’s holograms urges us to explore the unfathomable and discover the ENIGMA of our own existence.