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Conversations | Consciousness

Jun 21, 2017 : morning 9-10 : evening 5-6

Conversations | Consciousness

OTA aims to spread knowledge and awareness by inviting individuals from different walks of life to guide community discussions. This June, join Zev Guber and Heidi Sparkes to explore this fascinating topic.

Who am I? What is consciousness? And what is the purpose of being alive? These are essential questions that have been asked for 10,000 years and will be asked by seekers for 10,000 years more. This will be an interactive conversation, via readings and self-reflection, that will encourage participants to share their own experience.

Zev Guber and Heidi Sparkes have been students of perennial philosophy and its practical expression in daily life for most of their lives. They have been inspired by teachers from numerous traditions. Heidi works with communities that are finding new ways to access collective wisdom in meeting their most pressing challenges. She is currently participating in research on emergence in social initiatives. Zev is a film maker whose work has explored Ancient Egypt, the lost ships of antiquity and the myths of Afghanistan. His current project is the development of a television series finding solutions to climate change.

You are invited to participate! RSVP for this event at with “Consciousness” in the subject line.