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CONNECTIONS II, Baird, Gomez Chavez, Hunting, Koch, Varjan, Walsh

Aug 3 - Nov 30, 2018

Reception: Aug 3 5:30 - 7:00 pm

CONNECTIONS II, Baird, Gomez Chavez, Hunting, Koch, Varjan, Walsh

OTA Contemporary’s exhibition Connections II features works that seek to show that all of us are interconnected. So much so that we often become who we are based on how we interact with each other.

Hernan Gomez Chavez, a native of Santa Fe brings his latest work and vision to Connections II. His enthusiasm for his roots in New Mexico underlies his observations and concerns about some of our current day values and how these are impacting our planet and very being. His sculpture uses the interplay of steel, cement and even adobe in forms that echo a historical presence and yet whose colors are suggestive of modern neon lighting.

Robert Koch creates beauty with patterns and textures marked onto metal that is shaped into forms which evoke vague memories of an ancient past. There is a connection between his work and Hernan’s, because both artists use the past to enrich the present.

Kiyomi Baird’s works focus on a timeless cosmos and the evolution of the human spirit. Many of her paintings and prints feature copper, gold, and silver colors that interact with the metal sculptures displayed nearby.

As a part of our Presentations series, OTA Contemporary is pleased to share the Baskets of Peace of Kristina Varjan. The history of pine needle baskets stretches back 9,000 years. They are functional and creative, even predating pottery. These handmade pine needle baskets embody a spirit of calm and peace that we can share with others.

Wes Hunting and Jarica Walsh are design artists working in different mediums but connected by a common language of form and function to create three dimensional embodiments of beauty. All these artists use abstraction in their preferred medium to help us connect within ourselves and with other people, times and places.

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