CONNECTIONS III, August 1 – October 27, 2019

There are four words that resonate with me:  CONNECTIONS because we are all connected on this planet, in this universe, and to each other;  CELEBRATIONS because life gives us joy from her beauty,  we stay connected with that beauty and have cause to celebrate;  DREAMING because we need to keep dreaming in order to grow;  BEGINNINGS because we need to begin and begin and begin, then there is no ending

OTA opens CONNECTIONS III with new work from Robert Koch and Ivan McLean and introducing Yoko Kubrick. Each artist with their own unique voice connects with one another in a language of  3-dimensions,  expressing through their hands, using different materials and offering their visions for you to share, to connect, to own.


Robert Koch’s unique voice, working in textures and patterns, creates timeless forms that we connect with.  We need only to become conscious and our visual depth experiences his infinity.  Robert works in metal and bronze.

Ivan McLean is a free spirit whose unique voice shares movement and rhythm  in form.  He works materials until it dances and sings to him.  The voice that he shares with us invites us to explore, grow and become more than we are.  Ivan works in metal and stainless steel, painted and not.

OTA is pleased to present Yoko Kubrick to Santa Fe.  Yoko’s voice is felt through her shaping and cutting away in stone, Carrera marble, until she discovers a gift or sanctuary from a timeless place that she unveils to us.  We know her forms for they too are universal and timeless.

Come connect with us and experience CONNECTIONS III at our opening reception, Friday, August 2, 2019, 5:30-7:00.  The artists will be present.