Artists | Yuri Fukuoka

Yuri Fukuoka
Yuri Fukuoka was born in Osaka, Japan surrounded by paddy fields, mountains and a nearby river. Her daily life was filled with happiness. She liked playing alone, looking at the sky and gardening. She watched the small daily changes in nature. She believes happiness lives around us. But she discovered a sadness. She discovered death through a childhood illness but through recovery she learned the importance of life and happiness.

The human body is composed of over 37 trillion cells and Yuri strives to make something that communicates with our cells and senses. She uses art as a tool to connect forgotten happiness. Remembering her childhood memories of working in the garden with soil/clay and the colors of earth she hopes her work will give a connection to happiness.

“I am interested in the sky, space, nature and happiness. Their harmonious map seems to be living inside all of us.”