Artists | Wes Hunting

Wes Hunting
Wes Hunting is an abstract expressionist. Painting with molten glass, his work is essentially color, light, and constant energy. As a child he knew he would be an artist. After deciding to major in painting at Kent State University, Wes was smitten, when at his part-time grounds keeping mowing job at Hale Farm, he was ordered to assist a glass shop manager whose helper walked off the job. It became clear how he would follow his passion in creating windows into this microscopic world he explored. He knew he wanted to share his vision with the world this way.

As an artist beginning to work in glass, the desire to control the material is foremost. After all, you are the artist and the glass is the medium. But with time and maturity, the magic of creation takes precedence, bringing about harmony in the process. And voila! The outcome is a perfectly choreographed dance of color, light, and energy. Transparent, opaque, and clear colors in textures and patterns shift with light and are continuously dimensional. Wes Hunting gives us his magic suspended in abstract forms and vessels we are able to see and hold.

Wes Hunting went to Kent State University where his education took him through the Kent/Blossom Program, Teaching Assistantship at Penland School of Crafts to Assistant to Richard Ritter at Bakersville, North Carolina. It was at Penland working with Richard Ritter where he learned about making glass color and millefiori. He then traveled to Venice and Murano, Italy. The craft and inspiration created a foundation in finding his voice and direction. He taught at University of Kansas, Kent State University, Tennessee College of Crafts, Florida Keys Community College, University of Wisconsin, Philabaum Glass and Senoran Glass Art Academy in Tuscon, Water Street Glassworks and Chicago Art Institute. His work is included in many public museums and corporate and private collections.