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Robert Koch
The welded work of Robert Koch exemplifies his love of nature. His sculpture is organic and captures the spirit of its inspiration. Using rigid and lifeless materials, each piece attempts to challenge the inherent behavior of the material as if to capture aspects from nature such as the movement of a leaf in the wind, the swaying of reeds, or even the split second a seed begins to germinate. Scale is an important characteristic of his work. Robert often takes inspiration from microscopic organisms and recreates them to human scale. The simple curved forms are carefully balanced, paying close attention to the shadows they cast and how they interact with the space around them.

Robert Koch’s artistic career began in the early 80’s as a functional potter. After 15 years of doing what felt to him like the equivalent of factory work, he made a life changing decision to focus on what he had always envisioned himself to be… a metal sculptor. Several years later, he moved from rural Pennsylvania to the west bank of the Hudson River. For over a decade, Robert has lived in the Powerhouse Arts District of Jersey City in a vibrant artist live/work loft building. He shares his life and loft with his two beloved rescue mutts, Maggie and Stella.

Robert Koch’s work recently received a place of honor in his adopted hometown of Jersey City. The Mack-Cali Realty Corporation has installed Robert’s nine large spheres in its new corporate headquarters, the Harborside Atrium. The orbs descend from the ceiling at various heights, and the dark globes of open metalwork are gloriously illuminated against the white glass ceiling.