Artists | Kristina Varjan

Kristina Varjan
Kristina Varjan has been involved in expressive-creative performing arts throughout her life. Born in NYC, she began her career in the world of classical and modern dance, performing with the Paris Opera, the NYC ballet, Pina Bauch and throughout Europe and Africa. Her journeys in movement and expressive arts led her to the practice and teaching of the Japanese martial art of Aikido for the past 43 years. Today she is one of few women holding the highest rank in teaching Aikido. This creative life path also led her to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner; a wellness method of somatic education for the past 20 years. Kristina continues her exploration of possibilities with creating the Art of Pine Needle Baskets furthering this tradition.

Continuously expressing herself from her life experiences through various art forms, whether it was dance, Aikido or restoring old Navajo rugs, her work centers on dynamic spirals incorporating her entire self. Kristina’s unwavering belief is that our human species continues to evolve and is nourished by creativity, novelty and curiosity.