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Jarica Walsh
Jarica Walsh is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing primarily in ceramic sculpture. Walsh was born in Pawhuska, and is a member of the Osage Nation. She attended the University of Oklahoma, receiving her BFA in Media Arts with an emphasis in Filmmaking. Walsh was the 2017 Artist in Residence at the Oklahoma City University School of Visual Arts. She lives and works in Oklahoma City, maintaining a studio in the Paseo Arts District and serving as Associate Director of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. She is heavily influenced by things carried over from childhood including a connection with circles, collecting scraps of paper, and spending time alone with trees.

The sculptures Walsh creates reflect the power of humanity and the natural world. Her Star Series is inspired by a night sky and Carl Sagan's teachings. Each artwork is infused with positive energy and goodwill. Stemming from the understanding that we are all made of star stuff and we are all powerfully connected, these artworks are mini constellations connecting the clay of the earth to the sky. The Fragility Series explores the capacity to recover from tragedy. The series was created in the wake of heartbreak and setback, built using an additive method; these artworks are about rebuilding after a loss.

Walsh incorporates circles, whether adding or subtracting, into almost every artwork. The use of this signature shape ties into the cellular structure of water, and the shape of the sun and the earth. It stems from a sense of the sacred force and power of the planets, and the passion to connect with the natural environment.