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Bob Hill
Bob Hill maintains studios in Goshen, Connecticut and Summit, New Jersey. A painter for over 30 years, he has turned in the last several years primarily to sculpture as his preferred art form. He has received his art education at The New York School for Visual Arts and The New Jersey Center of Visual Arts, and has attained the Elected Artist designation from The Kent Art Association, Kent, Connecticut. He is a member of the Society of Connecticut Sculptors.

Through three-dimensional representation he portrays a dynamic range of emotional and spiritual feelings. His goal is to express visually the rhythm, drama and flow of human existence. Each work of sculpture evolves as it is created leading to discovery unique rhythmic forms. Abstract pieces come flowing from the basic shapes, lines and forms in the people and world around us.

He works in a variety of media including terracotta, plaster, fiberglass and steel. Works may also be available cast in bronze. Commissions will be considered. His sculpture has been exhibited primarily in shows in the New York area and he has won several awards. His sculpture is also in several corporate collections.

'My sculptures evolve as they are created, leading to unexpected discovery and dynamic expression. I try to stimulate emotional responses to my work, and I feel my sculpture is effective to the extent it is pleasurable, interesting or provocative to the viewer. '